About us

  • e-Sun is a manufacturing company of Renewable Energy products that positions itself in the market with a strong focus on a light and flexible structure, driven by online selling.
  • The economy of resources rewards with the best relationship between quality and price, the agility on the interaction with our clients and with high-efficiency technical assistance.

What we idealize

  • e-Sun products are based on the transformation of solar energy into electric energy.
  • They are made in our facilities obeying to a judicious regulation and certification, and to a constant supervising on quality and safety.


  • We believe we are a step forward on selling strategy, either by our Business Model or by the excellence of our products.
  • Our Mission is to offer energetic autonomy to our costumers, allowing them a more sustainable economy, with a highly competitive reinforcement for companies.
  • We are a team of professional from various fields, with mutual Values - thoroughness, perfectionism, and positive attitude gather us together in favor of the same Vision: “More efficiency to higher incomes”.
  • Water, Light and Energy. Nature give us this for free. This is Your Energy. e-Sun – Your Energy